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Related Aquarium & Fish Links

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The Best Sites

AquaLinkA large site with lots of information and services.
AquaBidA large Auction site for fish.
Aquaria CentralAn aquarium super-site with lots of info and a huge fish species database.
AquariumFish.netOnline suppliers of tropical and coldwater fish.
AquariumProsGood site with lots of information of aquarium products.
A huge site full of aquarium resources.
FishBase"A web site with information on all fishes of the world."
JAWS (Just Aquaria Web Site)Loads of aquarium info and resources covering freshwater, marine, brackish and ponds.
PetFishTalkOnline radio show.
WebWebMediaTon's and Ton's and Ton's of great information.

Aquarium Related Sites

All-Aquatics.comAll-Aquatics.com Freshwater, Saltwater and Pond supplies at very, very low prices.
Armke Rare Aquarium FishWow I've never seen a cichlid collection like this. Tremendous.
Badman's Tropical FishLoads of info here, nice layout and lots of interactivity.
Benny's Tropical FishVery Nice site, Auctions of Fish. Good prices.
Captive Reefing - Saltwater Reef ForumsFor the Reef Tank or Saltwater Tank enthusiast, from beginners to experts.
Corydoras WorldA site devoted to the Corydoras catfish.
Ekkwill Waterlife ResourcesSite has tons of fish.
Fantasticbetta.comThis guy really knows his betta stuff. If you ever listen to petfishtalk this is Ronnie from Missouri.
FINSThe Fish Information Service: articles, index of species, FAQs.
Fish CrazyA nicely designed site with aquarium guides, product reviews and a friendly forum.
FishIndex.comLarge collection of fish profiles and other info.
Loaches onlineAn excellent resource for everything on loaches.
Malawi Cichlid HomepageA wealth of info on Malawi cichlids, written by four hobbyists.
myfishtank.netA well designed site with a focus on interactivity and visitor contributions.
OATAWebsite of the Ornamental Aquatics Trade Association.
marlinaquanest.comAquaNest is the ultimate in aquarium spawning grass. This unique artificial plant gives baby fish a place to hide and thrive. Can be floated on the surface or anchored to bottom or side of aquarium. Also gives frogs, snail & crabs a place to sun themselves.
Petfish.netNice site with info on keeping petfish.
Premiumaquatics.comVery nice Premium Aquatics Livestock Stock List.
Practical Fishkeeping magazinePractical Fishkeeping magazine
Planet CatfishDedicated to all things catfish related, large image library.
Simplified Reef KeepingThe first easy to understand guide to reef aquariums.
The Age of AquariumsA great looking site with lots of tank setups, product reviews, Helpful Tips articles, etc.
The Aquarian's NetA well designed website with lots of info.
The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, AfricaLots of info on Lake Malawi, its cichlids and other fishes.
Tropical Fish CentreLots of info from setting up to disease diagnosis, active message board.
BluespeacockGreat pictures of ciclids.
aeclakes.com - AECAquatic Environment Consultants - Help with lakes & ponds, fish stocking & management.
Youraquariumcenter.comAquariums, ornaments and supplies. All the necessities to help you create your very own "Underwater World".

Discussion Boards

Aquaria CentralNice Board
Aqua DragonNew fish forum that is dedicated to all kinds of fishkeeping.
FishBase FishForumA discussion forum where experts may answer questions e.g. about identification.
Fish Forums (Fishlink Central)Most Informative
The Tropical Tank Discussion ForumTropical Tanks Only
http://www.livingreefs.comA Forum for Saltwater Reef & Fish Aquariums.
marineaquariumadvice.comResource for saltwater aquarists. Live chat, large free library, contests, photo gallery, discussion forums and more.

Fish Related Sites

The Goldfish Doctor A top quality, step-by-step guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of sick goldfish.
Garfishindo Garfishindo is a exporter specialist from Indonesia, we supplies tropical freshwater fish with high quality, good conditions, and on time live delivery. Our products are brackish, rainbows, cichlids, loaches, carps, crab, catfishes, shrimp, snail, livebearers, rivulins, anabantids, ancient.
Lake-Link: "Beyond The Water"The Midwest's largest site dedicated to fishing! Providing fishing reports, topographical maps, a lake database, message boards, articles, fishing tips and tactics, moon charts, and much more!
goldfishlinks.comLinks of interest for the goldfish hobbyist.
Aquarium Club Free MemembershipAquarium_Club( www.aquariumclub.co.uk ) is a free membership club.
http://www.jssharks.comArticles and Resources about sharks

Tropical Fish & Aquatic Plants. Online Stores

AquariumFish.netOnline suppliers of tropical and coldwater fish.
Aquatics-OnlineUK Aquatic and Pond Equipment specialists.
http://www.ewaterplant.com/Exporter for Aquarium Plants
MiracleBetta.comBetta Breeder from Bangkok Thailand.
Tropical Fish DirectMail order supplier of fish, including oddballs (UK).
TropicalFishStore.comHigh quality acrylic aquariums, complete setups and accessories.
Acvarist.roTropical fish and aquatic plants info + a photo gallery with aquariums, exotic fish and aquarium plants + a discussion board where you can also breed a virtual tropical fish.

Exporter or Trading Supplier

Grandaquatic.comWe are trading and exporter suppliy variety of freshwater tropical fish and aquatic plants for aquarium importer and wholesaler.
aquarist-classifiedsAdvertise all types of fish, tanks and equipment free of charge. View fish for sale from hobbysits all over the UK.
thlaquatics.comBreeder & exporters of Discus Fish
Finsdepot.comEverything For Your Fin-tastic Friends! Tropical Fish Supplies For The Hobbiest..... Owned And Operated By A Hobbiest

Related Manufacturer Sites

Aquarium PharmaceuticalsWide range of aquarium products and accessories.
Aquatic Reef SystemsAquatic Reef Systems sells reverse osmosis systems for fish tanks.
EheimAquarium filters, pumps and accessories.
BriaquaticcabinetsManufacturer of furniture grade and custom aquarium cabinets and canopies. Bow front fish tank stands and hoods too.
Hagen FluvalWide range of aquarium products.
KentAquarium additives and water purification.
Marineland Aquarium ProductsAquarium filtration and other products.
Python ProductsThe Python no-spill water change system and accessories.
Rainbow-lifegardFluidised bed filters and systems.
SeachemAquarium additives and accessories.
TetraWide range of aquarium and pond products.
WardleyFish foods and accessories.
WestcoastaquariumWest Coast Aquarium Industries manufacturers custom acrylic aquariums for various applications including home, commercial and educational reseach.

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