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Misc - Aquarium Shrimp Species
(Yamato Numa Ebi/Caridina spp., Ghost/Grass, Wood/Singapore, Rock/Mountain, Bumble Bee, Macrobrachium, and Neocaridina spp.)

Aquarium Shrimp Species Aquarium Shrimp Species > Quick Stats
Food: These shrimp are kept primarily as detritus and/or algae consumers.
Breeding: Possible in some but not easy at all.
Tank Conditions: The ideal requirements for keeping these shrimps are a pH less than 7.5 and clean (ammonia/ammonium free) water. Temperatures in the 22-25C range are best. A planted tank with a neutral to acidic pH would be an ideal environment.

This site was created to get straight to the point. Below are some tips on keeping Aquarium Shrimps. Send any additional information or questions to Ask An Expert

They do best when kept alone or away from anything that can fit them in it's mouth.

Aquarium Shrimp Species: Key Points, Tips & Tricks - Aquarium Shrimp Q/A

  1. Crustaceans have the ability to conserve and store calcium. This is important for their molting process.
  2. Some may eat their discarded exoskeletons to reclaim lost nutrients.
  3. Crustaceans NEED something to hold on to. They can get highly stressed from smooth/bare surfaces. This is called thigmotactic response.
  4. Most shrimp grow to around 1-2 inches.

Aquarium Shrimp Species: DO'S - Aquarium Shrimp Q/A

  1. Reasearch your individual shrimp species they can have special requirements.

Aquarium Shrimp Species: DONT'S - Aquarium Shrimp Q/A

Follow the above recommendations and you should have a joyful Aquarium Shrimp experience. Send any questions, comments or pictures to Ask An Expert If you are interested in helping out visit our contributions page.

References/Further Reading

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