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Top Aquarium Equipment - Tetra AquaSafe for Aquariums

My Recommendation
The only water conditioner I would ever use is (Tetra AquaSafe for Aquariums) I recommend this to anyone that has a aquarium. Make sure to buy the right size for your aquarium and use small amounts of it regularly during water changes and you should not have any problems. Tetra AquaSafe for Aquariums from Petsmart.com 16.9oz - $7.99

Petsmart have special online only prices, free shipping & discounts for new customers. Hard to beat, can be 30% - 50% more expensive in stores, don't understand why either, it just is that way.

Tetra AquaSafe for Aquariums - The Details
Basically AQUASAFE makes your tap water safe for fish.

AquaSafe makes tap water safe for fish by neutralizing chlorine and heavy metals present in municipal water supplies.

AquaSafe also neutralizes chloramine by breaking down the bond between chlorine and ammonia while reducing both the fish-toxic chlorine and ammonia components.

Additionally, AquaSafe provides a slime coating to help wounds heal and protect fish from abrasions.

AquaSafe should be used when setting up a new aquarium and with every partial water change or evaporation replacement.

Recommended for aquarium use only
8.45 fl. oz. (250 mL) - Treats 500 Gallons (1893 Liters)
I recommend using a full dose for newly setup tanks and the recommended does on water changes. This seems to work the best for all of my tanks.

A fastest acting, most complete water conditioner that provides slime coating, heals and protects your fishes. It neutralizes chlorine and heavy metals. It even removes chloramine and toxic ammonia.

To keep your fish healthy, there are a few things you need to do for it. One of the most important things to do when changing the water is to make sure that you neutralize chlorine and all heavy metals present in your tap water. Trust me, your fish will thank you!! Chlorine is highly toxic to fish and kill them in a matter of days. Chlorine affects the gills of the fish and also kills important bacteria in filters and in the tank that your fish need. With the ammonia and nitrate together in the water, along with the damage already done to the fish by the chlorine, the fish will usually die within a week. The BEST thing, if you do ANYTHING, is to make sure you use Aquasafe.

Tetra Aquasafe not only neutralizes chlorine, but it does many other helpful things to the water to ensure your fish stays healthy. “Aquasafe will neutralize chloramine by breaking down the bond between chlorine and ammonia while reducing both the fish-toxic chlorine and ammonia components.” Very important like I mentioned above! An important note on the back of this bottle...”*AquaSafe will not remove ammonia from an uncycled, overstocked, or under-filtered aquarium.” So please, be careful how you use this product and make sure your fish is being taken care of even without this product.

Another great feature this product has, that I am extremely grateful for, is the fact that this conditioner provides a slime coating that helps heal wounds and protects your fish from any further damage. As many of you know, Beta's fins are incredibly paper-thin and can be ripped easily. Although I’ve never had this happen to my Beta, I must still be exceptionally careful with Violet when changing her water as to not hurt her. It makes me happy to know that she is somewhat protected with Tetra Aquasafe. Although this product is NOT a medicine and should never be used as such, it can help with a minor scratch. Always be sure to contact a vet in case of an emergency.

The primary (principal) ingredients in this product are these...

Sodium hydroxymethane, sulfinate, polyvinvy. proxllidones, organic hydrocolloids, and organic chelating compounds.

AquaSafe should be used WHENEVER you add, or change your fishs’ water, partial or full. It’s a significant part of caring for you fish.

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