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FishDeals.com | Cyprinids | Shark Species
Cyprinids - Shark Species
(Shark species)

Shark Species Shark Species > Quick Stats
Food: They are omnivorous, standard foods should be given.
Breeding: Tricky, Some can be aggressive, they also require adulthood which can mean very large tanks.
Tank Conditions: Provide them with hiding spots; standard water conditions, avoid acid water.

This site was created to get straight to the point. Below are some tips on keeping Sharks. If you need more information navigate to the related web links section. Send any additional information or questions to Ask An Expert

Keep them with fish of similar size. Most sharks ideal tank mates include: Barbs including Tinfoil Barbs, Danios, Gouramis, Silver Dollars, Rainbowfish, similar sized New World Cichlids, Loaches, Plecos, and similar sized Scavenger Catfish. Rainbows and red-tails are territorial and should be kept individually in a community tank. Some species, such as balas, should be kept in schools of at least three sharks.

Shark Species: Key Points, Tips & Tricks - Sharks Q/A

  1. All Sharks are jumpers, accomplished jumpers. You must make sure your tank is completely covered they will jump out.
  2. They are quick growers and may have to be separated if they get too big.
  3. Sharks can become quite large. They have been known to grow up to 18 inches and live for many years.
  4. Keep one or keep many. At least 3 for bala sharks, better off with 6 or 10.
  5. Don't be alarmed, sharks will quickly turn color when frightened.
  6. Sharks sometimes are quarrelsome among themselves.
  7. Use 1/2 a dose of any medication due to the makeup of their scales.

Shark Species: DO'S - Sharks Q/A

  1. Bala Sharks need a school.

Shark Species: DONT'S - Sharks Q/A

  1. Redtail sharks, like rainbow sharks, can be intolerant of others of their own species.
  2. Don't try to keep large sharks with small fish, they will become missing.

 Shark Common Species Care Sheet - (PETCO.com)

Follow the above recommendations and you should have a joyful Shark experience. Send any questions, comments or pictures to Ask An Expert If you are interested in helping out visit our contributions page.

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