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About Cyprinids (CYPRINIDAE)
(Goldfish, Barbs, Sharks, Danios, Rasbora, Botia, Loaches, Foxes)

Siamise Algae Eater SAE Photo Courtesy of: andras.net Cyprinids > Quick Stats
Food:  Varies, but almost all cyprinids will accept flake food, and many relish small live foods.
Breeding:  All egg-layers, most by scatter method, a breeding tank is often a must.
Tank Conditions: Varies: pH normally between 6.5-7.5, depending on species. Softer wateris almost always preferred, though most of this group are very hardy and adaptable.

This is the largest family of fish consisting of over 1400 species. Many cyprinids hail from the South East portion of Asia, most common among them the Goldfish. The Goldfish is one of the most diverse types of fish within this family. They also exist in most of Africa, Europe, and North America. The only place they are not to be found is South America and Australia. Most minnows are also part of this group. Most can tolerate varying water conditions and are quite hardy with few exceptions. Many of them are also quite temperamental, so ou should be careful when choosing tank mates.

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Only a few are brackish water fish while only one can tolerate salt water. None of these fish have an adipose fin. The family consists of fish of all sizes. The largest is Barbus tor, which is native to India and reaches a length of more than 6 feet (2.5 meters).

Most Cyprinidsare omnivores although a few are herbivores eating algae and aquatic plants. Cyprinids have one unique feature: they have no teeth in their jaws, instead they grind up their food using teeth in their necks. (Cool huh!)

Substitutes in the aquarium are cooked lettuce, spinach, peas or oatmeal. Most are free spawners just discharging eggs into the open water; later the eggs will adhere to anything they happen to land on. See Breeding Fish for more information.

Cyprinids rank as one of the most commercially important groups of freshwater fishes and are exploited for many purposes; as a human food source, especially in Europe and Asia; as sport fish; and as ornamental fish for ponds and aquaria. Certain species are also cultured as bait fish and several of the small cyprinids such as the zebra fish have become internationally accepted laboratory models for toxicology testing and molecular research. A thorough understanding of cyprinid health and diseases is fundamental to the successful management and exploitation of these fishes for freshwater fisheries, pisciculture and ornamental productions.

Barbs and Danios are popular schooling fish for the community aquarium. Most come from Southern and Eastern Asia, with a few from Africa. They inhabit all types of water systems. To view some statistics on many more individual Cyprinids, just click on any picture.

Cyprinids > Navigate Popular Types

Goldfish Species
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Loaches Species
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Rasbora Species
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Sharks Species
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Botia Species
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Foxes Species
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Temperament:  Varies a lot. Tiger Barbs are considered terrors with their fin-nipping tendencies, (Never combine Tiger Barbs and Angel Fish) while cherry barbs ignore even a Betta's trailing fins. Also beware of Botias, they can be tricky.

Definition: cyprinid [si'prainid, 'siprinid] - any teleost fish of the mainly freshwater family Cyprinidae, typically having toothless jaws and cycloid scales and including such food and game fishes as the carp, tench, roach, rudd, and dace.

[ETYMOLOGY: 19th Century: from New Latin Cyprinidae, from Latin cyprinus carp, from Greek kuprinos]

CYPRINIDS - Most Commonly Kept in Aquariums
Common Name
Scientific Name
Similar Names
Bala SharkBalantiocheilus melanopterusSilver Shark
Cherry BarbCapoeta titteyaLittle Cherry
Chinese Algae EaterGyrinocheilus aymonieriCAE, Gold Algae Eater, Killer, Sucking Loach
Clown LoachBotia macracanthusN/A
False Siamese Algae EaterEpalzeorhynchus sp. or Garra taeniataSiamese Algae Eater
Giant DanioDanio aequipinnatusN/A
Gold BarbBarbus sachsiGolden Barb
GoldfishCarassius auratusFantail, Moor, Ryukin, Oranda, Shubunkin, Sarasa, Comet
Red-Tailed Black SharkEpalzeorhynchus bicolorN/A
Rosy BarbPuntius conchoniusN/A
Tinfoil BarbBarbus schwanenfeldiN/A
Tiger BarbCapoeta tetrazonaGreen Tiger Barb, Albino Tiger Barb, Sumatran Barb
Zebra DanioBrachydanio rerioZebra Fish, Lepord Danio

CYPRINIDS - Aquarium Full Listing - Missing One? Contribute!
Common Name
Scientific Name
Similar Names
Arulius BarbBarbus aruliusLongfin Barb
Bala SharkBalantiocheilus melanopterusSilver Shark
Beaufort's LoachBotia beaufortiN/A
Bengal DanioDanio devarioN/A
Black Kuhli LoachPangio javanicusN/A
Black Line LoachBotia nigrolineataBlack Line Loach, Botia Nigro
Black Ruby BarbPuntius nigrofasciatusN/A
Blue BotiaBotia modestaRed-Finned Loach, Orange-Finned Loach
Chequed BarbCapoeta oligolepisChequered Barb, Checker Barb
Cherry BarbCapoeta titteyaLittle Cherry
Chinese Algae EaterGyrinocheilus aymonieriCAE, Gold Algae Eater, Killer, Sucking Loach
Chinese Hillstream LoachBeaufortia kweichowensisHong Kong Pleco, Butterfly Loach
Chinese Hillstream LoachPseudogastromyzon cheniN/A
Clown LoachBotia macracanthusN/A
Clown RasboraRasbora kalochromaBig-Spot Rasbora
Dwarf KuhliAcanthophthalmus robiginosusN/A
Dwarf LoachBotia sidthimunkiChained Loach, Chain Loach, Mouse Loach
Dwarf RasboraRasbora maculataSpotted Rasbora, Pygmy Rasbora
Elegant RasboraRasbora elegansTwo-Spot Rasbora
Espes RasboraRasbora espeiN/A
Eye-Spot RasboraRasbora dorsiocellataEye-Spot Rasbora
False Siamese Algae EaterEpalzeorhynchus sp. or Garra taeniataSiamese Algae Eater
Flying FoxEpalzeorhynchus kalopterusN/A
Giant DanioDanio aequipinnatusN/A
Gold BarbBarbus sachsiGolden Barb
Gold Kuhli LoachPangio muraeniformisN/A
Gold Zebra LoachBotia histrionicaN/A
GoldfishCarassius auratusFantail, Moor, Ryukin, Oranda, Shubunkin, Sarasa, Comet
Green-Eye RasboraRasbora dorsiocellataEye-Spot Rasbora
Green Tiger BarbCapoeta tetrazonaGreen Tiger Barb, Albino Tiger Barb, Sumatran Barb
Green Tiger BotiaBotia hymenophysaN/A
Half-Banded Kuhli LoachAcanthophthalmus semicinctusN/A
Half-Banded LoachShistura savonaN/A
Harlequin RasboraRasbora heteromorphaRed Rasbora
Hengel's RasboraRasbora hengeliiN/A
Hillstream LoachLiniparhomaloptera disparisN/A
Homaloptera smithiHomaloptera smithiN/A
Homaloptera Loach var.Homaloptera spec.Lizard Loach
Horsehead LoachAcatopsis choirorhynchusHorse Face Loach
Kuhli LoachAcanthophthalmus kuhliiCoolie Loach, Coolio
Ladder LoachBotia rostrataN/A
Leptobotia Spec.Leptobotia guellensisN/A
Magnificent RasboraRasbora borapetensisN/A
Myersi LoachAcanthophthalmus myersiN/A
Nemacheilus masyaeNemacheilus masyaeN/A
Pearl DanioBrachydanio albolineatusN/A
Pearly RasboraRasbora vateriflorisN/A
Peppered LoachLepidocephalichthys gunteaN/A
Queen LoachBotia darioBengal Loach, Scarf Botia
Rainbow SharkEpalzeorhynchus frenatusN/A
Red-lined RasboraRasbora pauciperforataN/A
Red-Finned SharkEpalzeorhynchus frenatusN/A
Red-Tailed Black SharkEpalzeorhynchus bicolorN/A
Red-Tailed RasboraRasbora borapetensisN/A
Rosy BarbPuntius conchoniusN/A
Scissor-Tail RasboraRasbora trilineataN/A
Shelford's ThorneyeAcanthophthalmus shelfordiiN/A
Shistura LoachShistura spec.N/A
Siamese Algae EaterCrossochelius siamensisSiamese Flying Fox, SAE
Sinogastromyzon Spec.Sinogastromyzon sp.N/A
Skunk LoachBotia morletiN/A
Spanner BarbCapoeta lateristrigaT Barb
Spiney Headed Hillstream LoachGastromyzon ctenocephalusN/A
Spotted DanioBrachydanio nigrofasciatusN/A
Spotted Hillstream LoachGastromyzon punctulatusN/A
Striped BarbCapoeta fasciatusN/A
Sucker Belly LoachPseudogastromyzon myersiN/A
Three Lined RasboraRasbora trilineataN/A
Tinfoil BarbBarbus schwanenfeldiN/A
Tiger BarbCapoeta tetrazonaGreen Tiger Barb, Albino Tiger Barb, Sumatran Barb
Tiger LoachBotia helodesN/A
Unnamed Hillstream LoachGastromyzon ridensN/A
Victory LoachShistura scaturiginaN/A
White CloudTanichthys albonubesMountain Minnow, Meteor Minnow, long-finned var.
Yo-Yo LoachBotia almorhaeN/A
Zebra Hillstream LoachPseudogastromyzon fasciatusZebra Borneo Sucker
Zebra LoachBotia striataN/A
Zebra DanioBrachydanio rerioZebra Fish, Lepord Danio
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