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Uploading Images Information

Please follow the guidelines for uploading pictures on this site. They are detailed on each page that allows you to upload. Pictures that are of poor quality or of little interest will be removed. Do not upload copyrighted materials that you do not own the rights to. Do not upload hoaxes. Filenames must end in .jpg or .gif and be under the size constraints.

Note:Any and all items uploaded using this page become the sole property of fishdeals.com. If you upload an image you no longer have rights to that image. These items are subject to deletion or modification at any time without notice. Do not upload any non related images or copyrighted material.

How does this work?

Inline linking and framing are never used. The problem with displaying images occurs if they are full-sized images of copyrighted works linked in a web site. U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that displaying thumbnail images of pictures found across the Web was fair use. However, it also ruled it's not fair use to link directly to images or to show them on their own, within a frame. Instead, links must be to the page containing the image, rather than the image itself. Full-sized images are never accessed through direct links or framing.

Are there any copyright restrictions associated with the images?

The images identified by this Web Robot service may be protected by copyrights. Although you can locate and access the images through our service, we cannot grant you any rights to use them for any purpose other than viewing them on the web. Accordingly, if you would like to use any images you have found through our service, we advise you to contact the site owner to obtain the requisite permissions.

How do I remove a copyrighted image that I don't want displayed?

To remove a copyrighted image from any portion of our servic, please contact us at help@fishdeals.com with the subject line REMOVE CONTENT. Here you will find instructions on what to do or how to contact us regarding copyrighted images that need to be removed.

What is a Specialised Search Engine?

Image search engines are based on existing search engine technology, but they use additional strategies to identify, categorise and rank images.

A search engine's indexing of images is done automatically, rather than using human indexers, so it must find ways to guess at the image's content. It might take into account its filename or any accompanying 'ALT' picture tags (these are coded into the HTML page). It might look for clues from the image's context - for example, the words or phrases that are close to the image, or the 'META' tags found at the top of the HTML coding. The characteristics of the Web site and its server will also often be taken into account.

Analysis of an image's text and context can be used to exclude images as well as include them - for example, an image engine will usually consider an image's context and associated words when it is blocking out adult material.

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