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FishDeals.com | Cichlids | Tanganyika Species
Cichlids - Tanganyika Species
(Tanganyika species)

Tanganyika Species Burundi Frontosa Photo Courtesy of: bluespeacock Tanganyika Species > Quick Stats
Food: Live foods especially crustaceans, insect larvae, and aquatic insects. Some species will take flakes, tablets, and pellets.
Breeding: Difficulty Varies: Most are relatively easy to breed. The young are very easy to care for.
Tank Conditions: Water temperature of 74-84. A pH from 7.5-9.2 and a water hardness from 7-18 dH is acceptable.

This site was created to get straight to the point. Below are some tips on keeping Tanganyika Cichlids. If you need more information navigate to the related web links section. Send any additional information or questions to Ask An Expert

Background on the Lake:

Lake Tanganyika is the oldest lake in Africa, formed 7-10 millions years ago. It is also the second deepest lake in the world (after Lake Baikal) and has become a "hot spot" of biological evolution during its lengthy and complex geological past. It provides a great many species of Cichlids for the aquarium hobby, with mostlyh endemic cichlid fauna well over 200 species known more than 50 genera have been described so far. The waters are especially hard and alkaline with pH ranging between 7.5 and 9.2. The surface temperature of Lake Tanganyika ranges from 73-88F, although most fish inhabit areas with a temperature from 75-84F.

Lake Tanganyika lays 8,202ft above sea level, and has a depth of nearly 4,800ft, and the lake traces the valley floor for some 400 miles. The lake's surface area is slightly larger than the country of Belgium. Lake Tanganyika Cichlids Map

Many are rock dwellers, although there are numerous species that prefer sandy substrate, as well as many that are free-swimming in open water.

Lake Tanganyika cichlids including snail shell-dwellers, Synodontis, Afromastacembelus eels, Tanganyika Rainbowfish.

Tanganyika Species: Key Points, Tips & Tricks - Tanganyika Cichlids Q/A

  1. Lake Tanganyika cichlids are more particular to water chemistry than Lake Malawi Cichlids.
  2. The cichlids of Lake Tanganyika are shelter brooders; either cavity or mouth-brooders.
  3. Lake Tanganyika water can be something of a challenge to duplicate.
  4. All these fish will live for 8 to 10 years if you take good care for them.
  5. When a breeding pair pairs off, they will become very aggressive to all other fish in the tank.
  6. Rapid changes in the composition of the water can cause harm.

Tanganyika Species: DO'S - Tanganyika Cichlids Q/A

  1. Simulate the rocky shore areas of Lake Tanganyika or use a sandy substrate with shells.
  2. Best if kept in a group with 6 or 8 of the same species.

Tanganyika Species: DONT'S - Tanganyika Cichlids Q/A

  1. Don't think any water will work well. Good water chemistry is a must.

 Common Species Care Sheet - (PETCO.com)

Follow the above recommendations and you should have a joyful Tanganyika Cichlid experience. Send any questions, comments or pictures to Ask An Expert If you are interested in helping out visit our contributions page.

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