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Cichlids - Angelfish Species
(Angelfish species)

Angelfish Species Photo Courtesy of: RWinans Angelfish Species > Quick Stats
Food: Angels should have a varied diet, Treats include bloodworms or brine shrimp (live or frozen)
Breeding: Not realy that hard to breed. Successful spawns are based on care/food and tank parameters. Requires time & patience.
Tank Conditions: The main thing to keep an eye on is water quality.

This site was created to get straight to the point. Below are some tips on keeping Angelfish. Send any additional information or questions to contribute@fishdeals.com

Potential tank mates include glass catfish, festivum cichlids, kribensis, clown loaches, large tetras, danios, rainbowfish, catfish, platies, and gouramis. Fast-moving, nippy fish such as Tiger barbs, other large barbs and Blackskirt tetras are not recomended as tankmates. Neon Tetras are natural prey, they will get eaten. One of the best tankmates for them is Swordtails, not only they good in temperament towards the angels, but their bright reds contrast beautifully with the angelfishes silvery body. Now angelfish also do well with nearly all of the larger size tetras (larger than neons that is) like Lemon tetras, head and tail-light tetras, larger black neons, as well as serpaes, white tips and silver dollars.

Angelfish Species: Key Points, Tips & Tricks - Angelfish Q/A

  1. A single angelfish can grow up to 6 inches in body diameter and needs a larger tank than most other fish of equal length.
  2. These fish are great for Hex tanks because the like to swim up and down.
  3. Sometimes two female Angels spawn without a male.
  4. Angelfish prefer a densely planted tank.
  5. Recommened in groups of 6 or more.
  6. The young are peaceful but they become territorial as they mature and settle into breeding pairs.
  7. Some parents will eat the fry.

Angelfish Species: DO'S - Angelfish Q/A

  1. A special treat is mosquito larvae.
  2. Keep them in a well-planted tank with some open space in the middle for swimming.

Angelfish Species: DONT'S - Angelfish Q/A

  1. Do not put Tiger Barbs and Angelfish together, they do not and never will get along. The tigers will nip them all day long.
  2. Do not combine angelfish with neon tetras. The tetras are a natural prey species of the angels.

Follow the above recommendations and you should have a joyful Angelfish experience. Send any questions, comments or pictures to contribute@fishdeals.com If you are interested in helping out visit our contributions page.

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