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FishDeals.com | Cichlids
About Cichlids (CICHLIDAE)
(Angelfish, Discus, Oscars, Tanganyika, Malawi, Other)

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Cichlids > Quick Stats
Food: Diets are diverse: Cichlids range from vegetarian to carnivorous. Most do require a well balanced diet.
Breeding: Difficulty Varies: Cichlids are divided into mouthbrooders and substrate brooders. Most are difficult, they require patience and really good water conditions.
Tank Conditions: Varies Widely. The general condition of the water is a pH of 7.8-8.2. Temp between 72-86 degrees.

Cichlids make up the family Cichlidae is one of the biggest fish-families of the world. Cichlids are so numerous, in fact, that they constitute 5% of all vertebrate species! There are about 160 Genera and more than two thousand species.

Cichlids inhabit the most varied of waters, ranging from rivers to the smallest of ponds. They are one of the hottest items on the aquarium market today. One of the neatest ideas to come along is to create a Cichlid Tank from a Specific region, like Malawi. These tanks host species from the same geographical region.

Cichlids bright colorful appearance, behavior and breeding/mothering habits are just some of the reasons that Cichlids have become one of the most popular aquarium fish.

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During the 1960's and 1970's, the lakes of the Great Rift Valley in Africa were discovered by aquarists. The great wealth of cichlids endemic to those lakes became a goldmine of novelties for aquarists. Most popular were Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. Lake Victoria will soon be added to this list.

Depending on the species, cichlids range from vegetarian to carnivorous. They are noted for their complex mating and breeding/brooding behaviours. This usually involves courtship and preparation, maintenance, defense of the nest and protection of the fry.

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Angelfish Species
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Malawi Species
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Tanganyika Species
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Other Species
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Cichlids have highly developed brooding patterns and are very territorial, aggressive behavior plays an important role in their lives. Many Cichlids will eat smaller fish, best if kept with similar size fish or in pairs.


  • 1: Any of various tropical and subtropical freshwater fishes of the family Cichlidae, many of which are popular as aquarium fish.[From New Latin Cichla, type genus, from Greek kikhl, a kind of fish; see ghel-1 in Indo-European Roots.]

  • CICHLIDS - Most Commonly Kept in Aquariums
    Common Name
    Scientific Name
    Similar Names
    Aequidens rivulatusGreen terrorTerror
    Astronotus ocellatusOscarOscar Fish
    Cichlasoma meekiFiremouth CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma nigrofasciatumConvict CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma octofasciatumJack DempseyN/A
    Pterophyllum scalareFreshwater AngelfishN/A
    Symphysodon aequifasciatusBlue DiscusN/A
    Symphysodon discusRed DiscusN/A

    CHARACINS - Aquarium Full Listing - Missing One?
    Common Name
    Scientific Name
    Similar Names
    Acarichthys heckeliThreadfin AcaraN/A
    Acaronia nassaBigeye CichlidN/A
    Aequidens awaniGolden AcaraN/A
    Aequidens curvicepsFlag AcaraN/A
    Aequidens dorsigerRedbreast AcaraN/A
    Aequidens duopunctatusDoublespot AcaraN/A
    Aequidens itanyiDolphin CichlidN/A
    Aequidens latifronsPlatinum AcaraN/A
    Aequidens maroniKeyhole CichlidN/A
    Aequidens metaeYellow AcaraN/A
    Aequidens pulcherBlue AcaraN/A
    Aequidens portalegrensisPort CichlidN/A
    Aequidens rivulatusGreen terrorTerror
    Aequidens sapayensisSapayo CichlidSap
    Aequidens tetramerusSaddle CichlideN/A
    Aequidens vittatusBanded AcaraN/A
    Apistogramma agassiziiAgassizi's Dwarf Cichlid N/A
    Apistogramma amoenumPleasant CichlidN/A
    Apistogramma boreelliiUmbrella CichlidN/A
    Apistogramma cacatuoidesCockatoo CichlidN/A
    Apistogramma commbraeCorumba CichlidN/A
    Apistogramma macmasteriMacmaster's Dwarf CichlidN/A
    Apistogramma nijsseniPanda Dwarf CichlidN/A
    Apistogramma pertenseAmazon Dwarf CichlidN/A
    Astatoreochromis straeleniBluelip HaploN/A
    Astronotus ocellatusOscarOscar Fish
    Aulonocara nyassaeEmperor CichlidN/A
    Biotodoma cupidoGreenstreaked EartheaterN/A
    Biotodoma wavriniOrinoco EartheaterN/A
    Boulengerochromis microlepisGiant CichlidN/A
    Cichla ocellarisPeacock CichlidN/A
    Cichla temensisSpeckled PavonN/A
    Cichlasoma alfariPastel Cichlid N/A
    Cichlasoma aureumGolden CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma beaniGreen GuapoteN/A
    Cichlasoma bimaculatum Black AcaraN/A
    Cichlasoma citrinellumMidas Cichlid N/A
    Cichlasoma cyanoguttatumRio Grande CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma facetumChanchitoN/A
    Cichlasoma festaeGuayas CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma friedrichsthaliYellowjacket CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma haitienseHaitian CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma maculicaudaBlackbelt CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma managuenseJaguar GuapoteN/A
    Cichlasoma meekiFiremouth CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma nigrofasciatumConvict CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma octofasciatumJack DempseyN/A
    Cichlasoma salvini Yellowbelly CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma spilurumBlue-eye Cichlid N/A
    Cichlasoma synspilumRedhead CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma temporale Emerald CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma trimaculatumThreespot CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma urophthalmusMayan CichlidN/A
    Cichlasoma zaliosum Arrow CichlidN/A
    Copadichromis borleyiRedfin HapN/A
    Crenicara filamentosumChessboard Cichlid N/A
    Crenicara punctulatumCheckerboard CichlidN/A
    Crenicichla dorsocellataEyespot Pike CichlidN/A
    Crenicichla geayiHalfbanded Pike CichlidN/A
    Crenicichla lepidotaPike CichlidN/A
    Crenicichla saxatilisRingtail Pike CichlidN/A
    Cyathopharynx furciferFeatherfin CichlidN/A
    CyphoTilapia frontosaHumphead Cichlid N/A
    Cryptoheros nigrofasciatusConvict Cichlid N/A
    Dimidichromis compressicepsMalawi Eye-BiterN/A
    Etroplus maculatusOrange Chromide N/A
    Etroplus suratensisGreen Chromide N/A
    Geophagus acuticepsSharphead EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus brasiliensisPearl EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus camopiensisOyapock EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus crassilabrusPanamanian EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus daemonThreespot EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus harreriMaroni EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus jurupariDemon EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus pellegriniYellowhump EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus steindachneriRedhump EartheaterN/A
    Geophagus surinamensisRedstripped EartheaterN/A
    Gymnogeophagus australisUruguayan EartheaterN/A
    Gymnogeophagus balzaniArgentine HumpheadN/A
    Gymnogeophagus gymnogenysSmoothcheek EartheaterN/A
    Gymnogeophagus rhabdotusStripefin EartheaterN/A
    Haplochromis compressicepsMalawi EyebiterN/A
    Hemichromis bimaculatusAfrican JewelfishN/A
    Hemichromis fasciatusBanded JewelfishN/A
    HemiTilapia oxyrhynchaGiant Haplochromis N/A
    Heros severusSeverum Banded CichlidN/A
    HeroTilapia multispinosaRainbow CichlidN/A
    Iodotropheus sprengeraeRusty CichlidN/A
    Julidochromis marlieriChequeRed JulieN/A
    Julidochromis ornatusGolden JulieN/A
    Julidochromis reganiConvict Julie N/A
    Julidochromis transcriptusMasked JulieN/A
    Konia eisentrautiKonyeN/A
    Labidochromis caeruleusElectric Yellow LabN/A
    Labeotropheus fuelleborniBlue MbunaN/A
    Labeotropheus trewavasaeScrapermouth MbunaN/A
    Lamprologus tetracanthusFourspine CichlidN/A
    Limnochromis auritusSpangled CichlidN/A
    Melanochromis auratusMalawi Golden CichlidN/A
    Melanochromis johanniBluegray MbunaN/A
    Melanochromis vermivorusPurple Mbuna N/A
    Mesonauta festivusFlag CichlidN/A
    Microgeophagus ramireziRAM CichlidN/A
    NannAcara anomalaGoldeneye CichlidN/A
    Neolamprologus brichardiLyretail CichlidN/A
    Neolamprologus leleupiLemon CichlidN/A
    Pelvicachromis pulcherKribensis Rainbow KribN/A
    Petrochromis trewavasaeThreadfin CichlidN/A
    Pseudotropheus aceiYellow-Tailed AceiN/A
    Pseudotropheus auratusGolden MbunaN/A
    Pseudotropheus elongatusElongate MbunaN/A
    Pseudotropheus socolofiPowder Blue/PindaniN/A
    Pseudotropheus zebraZebra MbunaN/A
    Pterophyllum scalareFreshwater AngelfishN/A
    Serranochromis angusticepsThinface CichlidN/A
    Steatocranus casuariusLionhead CichlidN/A
    Symphysodon aequifasciatusBlue DiscusN/A
    Symphysodon discusRed DiscusN/A
    Tanganicodus irsacaeSpotfin Goby CichlidN/A
    Thorichthys meekiFiremouthN/A
    Tilapia alcalicaMagadi TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia andersoniThreespot TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia aureaBlue TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia galilaeaMango TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia karomoKaromo N/A
    Tilapia linnelliBlackfin TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia lohbergeriKeppiN/A
    Tilapia macrochirLongfin TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia mariaeSpotted TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia melanotheronBlackchin TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia mortimeriKariba TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia niloticaNile TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia placidaBlack TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia rendalliRedbreast TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia sparrmaniBanded TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia steinbachiKululuN/A
    Tilapia urolepisWami TilapiaN/A
    Tilapia zilliRedbelly TilapiaN/A
    Trematocranus jacobfriebergiFairy CichlidN/A
    Tropheus mooreiBlunthead Cichlid N/A
    Uaru amphiacanthoidesUaruN/A

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