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FishDeals.com | Characins | Piranha Species
Characins - Piranha Species
(Piranha species)

Piranha Species Piranha Species > Quick Stats
Food: Adult piranha will eat just about anything - other fish, sick and weakened cattle, even parts of people.
Breeding: Real Hard in Aquaria. They reproduce by laying eggs.
Tank Conditions: Piranhas are very hardy fish and can adapt to a wide range of water conditions

This site was created to get straight to the point. Below are some tips on keeping Piranha. Send any additional information or questions to Ask An Expert

I have seen Piranhas in the same aquarium with various types of Plecostomus Catfish. Other than that, keep them alone or with other piranha of the same size and species.

Piranha Species: Key Points, Tips & Tricks - Piranha Q/A

  1. They feed communally, as a pack.
  2. A feeding frenzy can be triggered by blood in the water.
  3. Piranhas are world-famous for their razor-sharp teeth.
  4. They are illegal in some states in the United States. (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.)
  5. Species of Piranha can grow to be 18".
  6. Their life span is unknown to us, they live for at least several years.
  7. The teeth are replaceable; when one is broken off, a new one grows in its place.

Piranha Species: DO'S - Piranha Q/A

  1. Piranha owners still must be extremely careful of the fish's sharp teeth and aggressive nature.
  2. Keeping them well fed is probably the key to keeping them mellow.
  3. I can not stress this enough, when piranhas are hungry they get aggressive. Feed them often.
  4. A good filter is a must. They create a large amount of waste and if you are feeding fish fillets etc., some get lodged behind rocks and wood and will rot.
  5. It is recommened the filter can handle at least 50% more water volume than your tank actually has. For a 50 gallon tank, make sure the biowheel is rated for at least 75 gallon.
  6. Decor: You should try to create a "mini" Amazon when setting up your tank. Lots of driftwood hiding places.

Piranha Species: DONT'S - Piranha Q/A

  1. Some adult piranha have been known to eat anything that moves.
  2. Don't put them in a tank with any smaller fish, they will be bait.
  3. Don't confine them to small tanks, I would recommend only keeping 2 piranhas per 50 gallon tank (depending on species), and at least 25 gallons for each fish.

Follow the above recommendations and you should have a joyful Piranha experience. Send any questions, comments or pictures to Ask An Expert If you are interested in helping out visit our contributions page.

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