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Breeding Specific Tropical Aquarium Fish by Type

Much has been written on the topic of breeding fish, below is summary to help guide you throughout Breeding Specific Types of Aquarium Fish. Please feel free to send any comments or suggestions to Ask An Expert.

 Overview of Fish Breeding/Spawning/Conditions

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Breeding Specific Fish Types:

# Image Type of Fish Things to Remember
1. Zebra Danios
Brachydanio rerio
  • Condition the zebras with the best food possible.
  • They readily eat their fry.
  • Fry hatch in 48 hours and grow rapidly.
  • Requests have been made to create pages for the following fish types. If you have written an article on any one of these type adn would like it published please send it to Ask An Expert

    • Breeding Tiger Barbs (Regular/Green)
    • Breeding Gold Gouramis
    • Breeding Flowerhorn Cichlids
    • Breeding Osphronemus gorami
    • Three spot gourami breeding
    • Kissing gouramis breeding
    • Breeding oscars oscar cichlids
    • Breeding blackbelt cichlids
    • Jack Dempsey breeding
    • Breeding Tips for Arowanas
    • Breeding Conditions required for a Piranha'
    • Rasbora Breeding
    • Breeding Short Nosed Gar
    • Sailfin Molly Breeding Behaviour
    • Swordtail Breeding
    • Peppered catfish breeding
    • Gymnogeophagus balzani breeding
    • Pacu fish breeding techniques
    • Breeding silverdollars

    Know a good aquarium fish breeding source? Send it here, Ask An Expert

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