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Compatible Aquarium Fish Species Tanks - Examples

Here are some examples of Species aquariums kept by some of the readers. Use them to get a better idea on how to set yours up and what to keep in them. Please use the FORM below to submit your tank. You can also send your list via email to Ask An Expert.

A species tank is an aquarium that contains one species of fish, in which the tank is tailored to meet the demands of a specific fish for its maximum benefit. Now there may be other species in the tank like the Pleco, the Otocinclus, or some other type of scavenger to help maintain the tank, but they are not commonly the main focus of the tank, though I have seen tanks dedicated to catfish species that looked quite stunning.

Although water requirements play a key role in the decision to maintain a species-only tank, sometimes the species themselves make it necessary to keep them amongst their own kind. An example of this is the Piranha family.

A few examples of a species tank would include a group of any of the following:

Catfish Tank - Corydoras Catfish, Four Lined Pictus Catfish, Small Plecostomus Catfish, Pimelodella Catfish, Porthole Catfish, Rafles Catfish, Upside Down Catfish, Talking Catfish, Synodontis Catfish.

Knifefish - African Knifefish, Black Ghost Knifefish

Shark Tank - Black Shark, Irridescent Shark, Red Tail Shark, Red Rainbow Shark, Tri Color Shark

Cichlid Tank - Festivum, Frontosa Cichlid, Egyptian Mouthbrooder, Brasilensis Cichlid, Chocolate Cichlid, Jurapari Cichlid, Keyhole Cichlid, Kribensis Cichlid, Severum Cichlid, Blood Parrot Cichlid , Urau Cichlid

Livebearer Tank - Mollies, Guppies, Platies, Swordtails.

Discus Tank - Just Discus

Barbs - Black Ruby Barb, Clown Barb, Gold Barb, Rosy Barb, Tiger Barb, Tinfoil Barb

Piranha Tank

Neon Tetras

Betta Tank

Kribensis Setup


The species tank also includes any single fish tanks, like Angels or Bettas.

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